We invited each club to nominate a dog for our "Trainer Taz" photo in memory of DGF's beloved Taz. The goal being to recognize the achievement of being the go-to dog that helps all of the new dogs play flyball. What a wonderful collection of awesome dogs.

Shiner (Deb, FF), Desi (Miriya, BRB), Thumper (Renee, CP), Duffie (David, FIF), Isaac (Sharon/Laura, NRR), Timmay! (Shannon, CIA), Mookie (Michele, K9K), Belle (Tammy, BR), Mesa (Dan, HD), Bowen (Bev, HJJ), Angus (Dana/Karen, DDD), Bear (Gary, TS), Kimi-Kai (Kathy, OYB), Veruca (Jim, BB), Troy (Tracy, FBI), Bette (Lynda, NRE), Curtis (Laura, HOT), Libby (Kristen, PP), Daisy (Kendra, GDG), Suzie (David, TP), Joy, Chloe (Jeff, FFF), Deuce (Amy, FP), Wedgie (Frank, PB)

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