Sweep's Big Day

I wanted to give a great big thank you to everyone that helped to make Sweep's big day so special!

Here are some photos of his gifts, and a link to the race video where Sweep earned his Hobbes award.

Thank you to Steve Bannon for posting a video of Sweep's Hobbes heat:


Some things that made me smile:

Race countdown board (no pressure!!)

Hobbes bandana that they presented on the lanes (and Sweep wore for the next 2 heats)

Baseboard from Jump #1 that was given to me after Sweep's Hobbes race

Special title page made just for a Hobbes award

Presents we received during the party, along with the cake and champagne!

From our Flash Point and Drivin' K9 friends in Region 15, a beautiful leash and a special poem, authored by Mary Kline.

From DogGoneFast, a wonderful poster of Sweep that everyone could sign...

... and also this gorgeous gold locket, the photo of Sweep is engraved into it!

HJJ presented Sweep with a big ribbon during the awards ceremony.

NAFA Hobbes patch, huge Hobbes ribbon and official Hobbes pin!

Sweep proudly wearing his beautiful Hobbes ribbon

Thank You!