Zsa Zsa is a 16-week-old female/spayed black and white Pit Bull who was surrendered by an owner who could not take care of her. She has had all of her shots for her age and has been dewormed (all of her vaccination/ medical records are available). She has a wonderful outgoing personality and has never met a stranger--she loves all people. She is extremely smart, alert, outgoing and always willing to work or play. She is great with cats and other dogs that are her size or larger.

She has a lot of energy and drive and would be a wonderful sports dog for agility, flyball, shutzhund, or tracking (She has great tug drive!). For a puppy her age she is very focused and can easily ignore things if she feels you are more rewarding.
She has started puppy classes in hopes that a little education will make the transition into a new household a little smoother. She is crate-trained and is having huge sucess with house training, walking politely on a leash, sitting, and self-control behaviors. She has been socialized with a variety of dogs big and small. She loves to snuggle and relax as well. Her favorite spot is on her doggie bed with her toys and blanket. She sleeps throughout the night in her crate without accidents and can go during the day without a mess as long as she gets a noon time walk.

More information: Lisa, 919-683-3074 or bunchofpants [at] gmail [dot] com; or Alyssa, 919-672-2489 or redhead_72 [at] hotmail [dot] com