Raleigh, North Carolina                             April, 2011

Welcome to the DogGoneFast "Spring Into Summer"!

Thank you for your entries. Please check the other links on our web site for seed chart, racing schedule, detailed directions/maps. Note that there are not any food sales at the DKC and we will be having a short lunch break each day.

Be sure to write your titles on the title board so that we can recognize your achievements! As this is 2 one-day tournaments, we will have an award ceremony each day. No classes over-filled on either day, so you may double list dogs between classes as per usual NAFA rules (ie not Veterans).

Racing Format

The Racing Format is described on the seed chart. Warm-ups will be 2 minutes on both days.

Beverage, Breakfast and Dessert Table

Join us for coffee, hot chocolate and breakfast items in the morning; and don't forget to stop by for dessert and iced tea after lunch!

Judge and Acting RD

Geoff Brown and Amy Brubaker will be our judges. Joy Gochman will be the Acting RD.

Venue Information

The DKC building will be open until 8pm on Friday night; you may drop off your flyball boxes if you wish.

Friday night racing

We are holding Single Dog Racing on Friday night again!  Races are 5 of 5 for $5 with all proceeds going to a Japanese rescue organization. You may run against someone or unopposed. If your dog is not quite ready for racing, you can request 5 minutes for $5. This fundraiser is important to us, so please come out and support it! We have received permission to use the NAFA EJS during the Single Dog Racing and we will be writing down the dog’s racing times. We expect to start the SDR by 6pm.

Start Times



Building Opens



Height dog/Box measuring



Captain’s Meeting



Racing Starts



Lunch break after

race 19

race 22




We will be having a lunch break each day as indicated on the race schedules.


Contact Amanda Brown if you have any questions: 

919 787-8048 (home) 919 218-1391 (cell) or at doggonefast@yahoo.com


Drive carefully and we’ll see you on the weekend!