Raleigh, North Carolina                            January, 2003


Welcome to the DogGoneFast Winter WufFest II!


Thank you for your entries; we are expecting 53 teams and we will have 2 rings.  Please check the other links on our web site for seed chart, racing schedule, detailed directions/maps and a complete list of food sales.


Once again we have managed to provide each team with 39 or 40 heats.  We have a very full racing schedule, so please do your best to keep things moving along. We have split the racing so that there is slightly more on Saturday.  We are short of box judges, so please plan to box judge the race following yours.  We have trophies for 1st place and ribbons for  2nd and 3rd placements, a raffle and a bake table, and a prize table sponsored in part by PetSmart.


We would like to thank Blockade Runners and Triad Dog Sports for lending us matting.  Without their generosity, a 2 ring tournament would not have been possible.


Racing Format

All racing is Round Robin, either 5/5 or 3/3.  Teams are awarded 1 tournament point for each heat won, and an additional point for winning the race.  Ties will be broken by the best time posted in the division.  Warm-ups will be 2 minutes on both days.  Warm-up time may be reduced to 90 seconds if necessary. Please notify the judge if you do not need the entire warm-up period. Ring A has priority.  Please inform the judge prior to your race if a conflict is expected.  The two rings will be separated by a barricade.  Please use the assigned doors for entering and exiting your ring and do not cross behind the barricade.


Multi 1 and Multi 2 are competing in a combined round robin as per the new NAFA rules.  All races count towards tournament points for division placements.  Multi 2 will still be subject to the breakout rules while racing the Multi 1 teams.

Venue Information

The Holshouser building will be open until at least 8pm on Friday night; you may drop off your flyball boxes if you wish.  There is no room for team crating in the racing building, exceptions have been given for judges and for folks that have special needs. 


Start Times

Saturday Schedule:

Building opens at 7am

Boy scouts will be serving breakfast food starting at 7am

Height dog measuring starts at 7:05am

Captain’s meeting at 7:45am PROMPTLY!

Ring A racing starts at 8:00am

Ring B racing starts at 8:15am


Sunday Schedule:

Building opens at 7:30am

Boy scouts will be serving breakfast food starting at 7:30am

Ring A racing starts at 8:00am

Ring B racing starts at 8:15am

Raffle prizes will be drawn at 2:00pm, racing will not stop for the raffle drawing



We have arranged with a local Boy Scout troop to provide breakfast, lunch and snacks on-site.  The complete list of food is available on our web site.  Several of the boy scouts and their parents are volunteering at our tournament; the food sales are a fundraiser for them so please consider using this service.


Contact Amanda Brown if you have any questions:  919 787-8048 or at doggonefast@yahoo.com


Drive carefully and we’ll see you on the weekend!