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T O U R N A M E N T - 23023300 Name: Winter WufFest XXIStart Date:2023-01-21Host Team:DogGoneFast
D I V I S I O N - 1 N A M E: M-1C L A S S: Multibreed J U D G E: Dirk Elber
  Team Name: Mixed NutsClub: DogGoneFast (233)Place: 3Best Time: 18.847Seed Time: 20
Dog 1Name: CiderCRN:180042Points: 501
Dog 2Name: MeikaCRN:180565Points: 501
Dog 3Name: KizmetCRN:200110Points: 501
Dog 4Name: AuroraCRN:210187Points: 501
  Team Name: Faux FurClub: Fur Fun (171)Place: 1Best Time: 16.375Seed Time: 15.9
Dog 1Name: AvidCRN:160014Points: 330
Dog 2Name: FiestaCRN:170412Points: 350
Dog 3Name: NavyCRN:200182Points: 680
Dog 4Name: NeedleCRN:210104Points: 350
Dog 5Name: PunchyCRN:220454Points: 680
Dog 6Name: ReefCRN:220692Points: 330
  Team Name: Fur PlayClub: Fur Fun (171)Place: 4Best Time: 19.896Seed Time: 20
Dog 1Name: RicoCRN:120670Points: 432
Dog 2Name: ShadyCRN:120850Points: 152
Dog 3Name: OshieCRN:150679Points: 432
Dog 4Name: TrinketCRN:160085Points: 201
Dog 5Name: VolleyCRN:160535Points: 280
Dog 6Name: CapperCRN:220028Points: 231
  Team Name: One Pup Two PupClub: Go Dog Go (493)Place: 5Best Time: 20.847Seed Time: 21.3
Dog 1Name: RikerCRN:140806Points: 100
Dog 2Name: DataCRN:160466Points: 150
Dog 3Name: SaraCRN:170793Points: 206
Dog 4Name: CrusherCRN:190656Points: 456
Dog 5Name: TreviCRN:210179Points: 456
Dog 6Name: VisionCRN:210234Points: 456
  Team Name: Turn Tail 'n RunClub: Heads or Tails (814)Place: 2Best Time: 20.136Seed Time: 20.3
Dog 1Name: GemmaCRN:140395Points: 607
Dog 2Name: GoogleCRN:180581Points: 607
Dog 3Name: KiwiCRN:190005Points: 607
Dog 4Name: NevilleCRN:200079Points: 607
D I V I S I O N - 1 N A M E: O-1C L A S S: Open J U D G E: Dirk Elber
  Team Name: UnhingedClub: Bitches Be Crazy (1063)Place: 3Best Time: 17.606Seed Time: 17.5
Dog 1Name: LeelooCRN:150001Points: 416
Dog 2Name: ElsaCRN:160420Points: 365
Dog 3Name: VintageCRN:180130Points: 416
Dog 4Name: FinnleyCRN:190097Points: 101
Dog 5Name: StarkCRN:210371Points: 366
  Team Name: ExhibitionistsClub: DogGoneFast (233)Place: 5Best Time: 18.272Seed Time: 18.5
Dog 1Name: BloomCRN:120678Points: 486
Dog 2Name: SophieCRN:130597Points: 0
Dog 3Name: EliCRN:150004Points: 231
Dog 4Name: WillCRN:180136Points: 486
Dog 5Name: FleurCRN:180536Points: 411
Dog 6Name: SalsaCRN:190137Points: 330
  Team Name: If You Give a Dog a CookieClub: Go Dog Go (493)Place: 2Best Time: 18.195Seed Time: 18.5
Dog 1Name: HankCRN:150489Points: 527
Dog 2Name: SirenCRN:170487Points: 602
Dog 3Name: JayceCRN:190147Points: 551
Dog 4Name: SalsaCRN:190255Points: 477
Dog 5Name: SunCRN:190665Points: 251
  Team Name: Trail BarkersClub: Mountain Mayhem (1120)Place: 1Best Time: 18.246Seed Time: 18.2
Dog 1Name: PaytonCRN:120944Points: 580
Dog 2Name: RyleeCRN:160116Points: 557
Dog 3Name: JooseCRN:160715Points: 125
Dog 4Name: JossCRN:210167Points: 631
Dog 5Name: RebelCRN:210418Points: 631
  Team Name: Bring it onClub: That's So Fetch (1072)Place: 4Best Time: 18.332Seed Time: 19.5
Dog 1Name: KalinaCRN:150328Points: 25
Dog 2Name: RoniCRN:160362Points: 380
Dog 3Name: TuppenceCRN:180098Points: 610
Dog 4Name: Zarya CRN:210226Points: 610
Dog 5Name: TessaCRN:210373Points: 205
Dog 6Name: GambitCRN:210393Points: 610
D I V I S I O N - 2 N A M E: O-2C L A S S: Open J U D G E: Chris Carr
  Team Name: Best in SnowClub: Fayetteville Freedom Flyers (838)Place: 2Best Time: 20.945Seed Time: 22
Dog 1Name: PassionCRN:110681Points: 151
Dog 2Name: KelleeCRN:160693Points: 435
Dog 3Name: YeagerCRN:180144Points: 186
Dog 4Name: SheamusCRN:190273Points: 200
Dog 5Name: HoldynCRN:210177Points: 486
Dog 6Name: BranCRN:210178Points: 486
  Team Name: ImbroglioClub: Heads or Tails (814)Place: 4Best Time: 22.558Seed Time: 22.6
Dog 1Name: RockstarCRN:150490Points: 306
Dog 2Name: MemphisCRN:170661Points: 306
Dog 3Name: CoffeeCRN:190673Points: 306
Dog 4Name: AceCRN:200279Points: 175
Dog 5Name: LokiCRN:220619Points: 106
Dog 6Name: Lilly LowerreCRN:230103Points: 25
  Team Name: Blue FlagClub: New River Express (226)Place: 3Best Time: 20.767Seed Time: 20.8
Dog 1Name: BaileyCRN:110876Points: 375
Dog 2Name: ZipCRN:130319Points: 525
Dog 3Name: SnipeCRN:130905Points: 525
Dog 4Name: DjinnCRN:160087Points: 525
Dog 5Name: PixelCRN:220669Points: 50
Dog 6Name: KiteCRN:230122Points: 100
  Team Name: Swamp FoxesClub: Pawmetto Pack (480)Place: 5Best Time: 19.014Seed Time: 20
Dog 1Name: GunnerCRN:160236Points: 250
Dog 2Name: LillyCRN:160615Points: 555
Dog 3Name: ROXYCRN:170407Points: 555
Dog 4Name: TacCRN:170727Points: 305
Dog 5Name: ElleCRN:190437Points: 555
Dog 6Name: FlitwickCRN:210181Points: 0
  Team Name: Arr You Ready?Club: Scallywags (751)Place: 1Best Time: 19.214Seed Time: 21.5
Dog 1Name: QuestCRN:130048Points: 327
Dog 2Name: WhisperCRN:170782Points: 512
Dog 3Name: PhredCRN:190331Points: 211
Dog 4Name: EmmaCRN:200121Points: 301
Dog 5Name: PippaCRN:200210Points: 185
Dog 6Name: SparkCRN:210295Points: 512
D I V I S I O N - 1 N A M E: R-1C L A S S: Regular J U D G E: Chris Carr
  Team Name: No FilterClub: Bitches Be Crazy (1063)Place: 2Best Time: 15.209Seed Time: 15.2
Dog 1Name: RiverCRN:180117Points: 446
Dog 2Name: SelfieCRN:180255Points: 396
Dog 3Name: MicroburstCRN:190090Points: 446
Dog 4Name: Solo CRN:210419Points: 446
Dog 5Name: PixlexiaCRN:220035Points: 50
  Team Name: ReactiveClub: Bitches Be Crazy (1063)Place: 5Best Time: 16.834Seed Time: 17.3
Dog 1Name: StitchCRN:160682Points: 263
Dog 2Name: RhiannonCRN:170526Points: 186
Dog 3Name: KissCRN:180297Points: 243
Dog 4Name: NikeCRN:200166Points: 293
Dog 5Name: WonderCRN:210400Points: 187
  Team Name: Formula FunClub: Fur Fun (171)Place: 1Best Time: 15.731Seed Time: 14.8
Dog 1Name: KeeperCRN:150734Points: 300
Dog 2Name: PacManCRN:170486Points: 600
Dog 3Name: FinderCRN:180142Points: 350
Dog 4Name: NimbleCRN:210111Points: 250
Dog 5Name: QuesoCRN:210269Points: 525
Dog 6Name: HelixCRN:220301Points: 375
  Team Name: Ahead of the CurveClub: Heads or Tails (814)Place: 4Best Time: 18.958Seed Time: 17.5
Dog 1Name: AuraCRN:150023Points: 285
Dog 2Name: Kindle
Dog is registered with No Speed Limit (102)
Eligible to change clubs.
CRN:150129Points: 235
Dog 3Name: StarkCRN:170610Points: 543
Dog 4Name: CrikeyCRN:200006Points: 258
Dog 5Name: PepsiCRN:220003Points: 543
Dog 6Name: TrixieCRN:220041Points: 308
  Team Name: WingmuttsClub: K9K (357)Place: 3Best Time: 17.216Seed Time: 17.4
Dog 1Name: MerlinCRN:160786Points: 440
Dog 2Name: FizzCRN:190601Points: 540
Dog 3Name: CloverCRN:220144Points: 540
Dog 4Name: CaboCRN:220258Points: 255
Dog 5Name: MinnieCRN:220259Points: 55
Dog 6Name: ElektraCRN:220436Points: 330
D I V I S I O N - 2 N A M E: R-2C L A S S: Regular J U D G E: Chris Carr
  Team Name: Rubber Room RocketsClub: DogGoneFast (233)Place: 1Best Time: 16.791Seed Time: 17.7
Dog 1Name: StarCRN:120604Points: 125
Dog 2Name: ThornCRN:150660Points: 476
Dog 3Name: SmittyCRN:170214Points: 551
Dog 4Name: MinervaCRN:180101Points: 401
Dog 5Name: The TickCRN:180104Points: 150
Dog 6Name: CassiopeiaCRN:180669Points: 501
  Team Name: TailspinClub: K9K (357)Place: 5Best Time: 19.371Seed Time: 19.5
Dog 1Name: RallyCRN:130494Points: 276
Dog 2Name: BlastCRN:140787Points: 501
Dog 3Name: NachoCRN:190346Points: 501
Dog 4Name: PetzlCRN:220045Points: 351
Dog 5Name: EverCRN:220265Points: 150
Dog 6Name: VäsenCRN:220346Points: 225
  Team Name: Sorry for Party BarkingClub: Party Barkers (1095)Place: 4Best Time: 19.175Seed Time: 19
Dog 1Name: ZoeCRN:170058Points: 451
Dog 2Name: WhipCRN:180047Points: 176
Dog 3Name: NewtCRN:200284Points: 275
Dog 4Name: Lokai CRN:200285Points: 451
Dog 5Name: HazelnutCRN:210204Points: 451
Dog 6Name: Nimble CRN:210205Points: 0
  Team Name: PowertrainClub: Turbo Paws (978)Place: 3Best Time: 17.288Seed Time: 18.2
Dog 1Name: StellaCRN:180547Points: 430
Dog 2Name: RiverCRN:200081Points: 430
Dog 3Name: Chilly DawgCRN:210241Points: 430
Dog 4Name: SpeckCRN:220516Points: 430
  Team Name: The PlasticsClub: That's So Fetch (1072)Place: 2Best Time: 17.05Seed Time: 18
Dog 1Name: Captain EOCRN:190774Points: 461
Dog 2Name: ZuzuCRN:210260Points: 231
Dog 3Name: CheeseCRN:210405Points: 392
Dog 4Name: VenusCRN:220214Points: 542
Dog 5Name: BamboozleCRN:220318Points: 542
D I V I S I O N - 3 N A M E: R-3C L A S S: Regular J U D G E: Dirk Elber
  Team Name: High OctaneClub: Carolina Overdrive (1087)Place: 2Best Time: 20.197Seed Time: 20.2
Dog 1Name: C.J.CRN:120697Points: 130
Dog 2Name: TikiCRN:140771Points: 282
Dog 3Name: DuoCRN:200200Points: 262
Dog 4Name: FlirtCRN:210228Points: 307
Dog 5Name: CheyenneCRN:210229Points: 337
Dog 6Name: VeetaCRN:210375Points: 30
  Team Name: To the Boxes We GoClub: Go Dog Go (493)Place: 4Best Time: 19.049Seed Time: 20.3
Dog 1Name: FeeBeeCRN:130814Points: 200
Dog 2Name: SnickersCRN:140808Points: 325
Dog 3Name: Ferris BuellerCRN:160780Points: 350
Dog 4Name: ValaCRN:190125Points: 350
Dog 5Name: ArianeCRN:190150Points: 50
Dog 6Name: CreedCRN:220122Points: 225
  Team Name: Heads R Gonna RollClub: Heads or Tails (814)Place: 5Best Time: 19.798Seed Time: 21.3
Dog 1Name: HeidiCRN:130193Points: 510
Dog 2Name: AdelaideCRN:130637Points: 510
Dog 3Name: VegemiteCRN:160777Points: 510
Dog 4Name: JillerooCRN:200008Points: 480
Dog 5Name: Scout
Dog is registered with Blue Ridge Blast (898)
Eligible to change clubs.
CRN:220576Points: 30
  Team Name: Southern PrideClub: Pawmetto Pack (480)Place: 3Best Time: 20.582Seed Time: 21.6
Dog 1Name: MooseCRN:150193Points: 760
Dog 2Name: MayaCRN:160550Points: 735
Dog 3Name: LILYCRN:190808Points: 585
Dog 4Name: GalileoCRN:200065Points: 750
Dog 5Name: AlexCRN:210030Points: 175
Dog 6Name: TrevorCRN:220616Points: 35
  Team Name: HeathersClub: That's So Fetch (1072)Place: 1Best Time: 18.935Seed Time: 19.8
Dog 1Name: StormCRN:190431Points: 506
Dog 2Name: CirillaCRN:210394Points: 506
Dog 3Name: TrashCRN:220206Points: 506
Dog 4Name: ParkerCRN:220457Points: 506