DGF Team Statistics


Team Members’ Stats

o       name, breed, owner, CRN, jump height

o       current point total

o       current title

o       for each jump height: fastest split time and best average

o       RED = new title or best time or best average at the most recent tournament

o       BLUE = new data for a jump height

o       Click on this for an explanation on how to interpret the data published at the end of each tournament


o       date

o       jump height

o       number of splits recorded

o       fastest split

o       average split

o       team name. The team name is a hyper-link to the supporting raw data (how to interpret the raw data)








Team Tournament History Pages

The following pages show how each DGF team performed at tournaments we attended. These statistics were garnered directly from the NAFA database at the NAFA website. As such only dogs which scored points are listed as team members. Dogs which attended a tournament but did not collect any points do not appear.

 It gives the following:

o       tournament host

o       date

o       division

o       placement

o       fastest times (including break outs)

o       seed times

o       a list of the dogs on the team with how many points they earned and any titles awarded


Regular Teams



Multibreed Teams



Veterans + Open + Performance Teams



Team Points Standings


Regional Title Points Standings


Regional Multibreed Title Points Standings


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