Blastoff Autumn Breeze


 Autumn's Titles and Stats

                             Autumn was born on September 6 of 2005. Autumn is a red and white border collie born in Oklahoma.  I originally purchased Autumn for agility and herding, but was bitten by the flyball bug when she was a year old!  Autumn‘s first tournament was in January 2007 earning her FD, FDX and FDCh.  She is very serious about her flyball job and has put all of the herding, obedience, rally and agility on the back burner.  Autumn is very easy dog to run and will fortunately run for anyone as I also just love watching her run from the sidelines.  Autumn has other titles in Obedience and Rally, but nothing compares to her titles that she has earned in her flyball career so far.  I look forward to Autumn having a long flyball career, but I am just known as “Autumn’s tug holder”.

Photo by Diane Lewis,,