Dakota's Titles and Stats


Dakota is an Australian Kelpie, born November 15, 1994. She has been a member of DGF since 1998. During her exhaustive career she has managed to rack up a staggering 33 points over the last four years and considers herself quite accomplished and therefore above all this silly jumping stuff. She arguably holds the DGF record for the longest legal individual split time in a completed heat (clocked at 20.9 seconds … there was a Danish incident at the Judges table, but she persevered and managed to complete the course). She is known affectionately by her teammates as "the evil princess," "the dark one," and "Bad girl…stop that." Her hobbies include swimming, evil, destruction, and mayhem.

Photo by Sam Bennet, "http://www.swiftbennett.com/photowerx/index.cfm?gal=DOGSPORTS"