Kazul's Titles and Stats


Kazul started life in the Trenton, NJ housing projects on September 11,
2001 (that's an estimated date, but close).  A former neighbor of ours
 found him and  brought him to us one dark and stormy night
(dark anyway).  We named him Kazul after the head dragon in the book
"Dealing with Dragons."  It was only later that he started fitting into
his name -- maybe we should have named him "Fluffy" or "Schatzie" or
something a little gentler!  Kazul is a lab mix with tons of energy and
drive, and flyball is just the thing for him.  He is one of the most
vocal dogs I have ever known and everyone in the building knows when
it's Kazul's turn to race!






He started competing with DogGoneFast in April 2004.  Kazul has a bag of
tricks that he pulls out whenever he feels like having a treat, like
fetching the TV remote, magazines, his dinner dish and anything else
that's not tied down.