Lily's Titles and Stats

        Lily is a border collie mix who we found through Carolina Border Collie Rescue in August 2004. 

        She was about a year and a half old at the time, and had been turned in to a shelter near Asheville, NC because her owners thought she might be pregnant.  Since she was described as being a very laid-back border collie and extremely sweet I thought she might be just the dog to visit my mom's assisted living residence. Her foster mom was exactly right, and Lily is a great therapy dog and wonderful addition to our family. 

She is a perfect foil to her dog brother, Kazul, and is as calm as he is active (although she does herd him around when he tries to fetch a tennis ball).  Lily has learned to retrieve since she has come to live with us and she has earned her first few flyball titles, but she loves frisbee even more than flyball!