Sky (a.k.a. Montana Night Sky) was born on May 29, 2000 on a ranch in Montana. She was the smallest and last-born in her litter of eight. Her father, Ross, is a large smooth-coated Border Collie and the local herding champion. Her mother, Fly, is a petite rough-coated Border Collie who prefers guarding the ranch house from wayward sheep, cows and horses. Her grandmother, Nell, a former Scottish herding champion is getting old but she still has a strong eye for the sheep.

     Sky has inherited her father's smooth coat and determined manner, her mother's size and quickness, and her grandmother's eye for herding anything that moves with four feet. She gets really excited about flyball. The bouncing balls, the running, bouncing, toy-waving humans all make a fun-filled day for her. Of course, it helps when she remembers her job is to help herd the yellow balls into a group at the end of the course as opposed to herding the other dogs.



Sky's Flyball Titles and Stats

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