Maggie's Titles and Stats
Maggie was Geoff's first flyball dog. She loved flyball! She famously would never perform correctly at practice, but would run perfectly at a tournament. Maggie was always a start dog as she never learned how to run out past another dog without trying to get *her* ball.


Cody was rescued from the Oakville (Ontario) Humane Society in April of 1986. He was their featured pet of the week and the first thing he did in our house was to chew up the newspaper with his photo in it! Cody loves riding in cars and watching his roommates play flyball. In his younger days, he and Maggie would roughhouse all day long. His real passion was chasing tennis balls and he would have really enjoyed playing flyball.


Jordan was rescued from the Animal control at 4 months of
age after having a seizure and brought to the emergency
clinic for treatment. She was born October 18, 1994 and
enjoys eating things and wagging her very strong and deadly
tail into things. Jordan was a very sweet girl that loved
to be with people and she will be missed very much.