Raleigh, North Carolina                            September, 2005


Welcome to the DogGoneFast FlyBall IV!


Thank you for your entries; we are expecting 42 teams and we will have 2 rings.  Please check the other links on our web site for seed chart, racing schedule, and detailed directions/maps.  A big thank you to Jon Bescher from Go Dog Go for doing our C2 forms and race labels so quickly!!!


We have a full racing schedule, so please do your best to keep things moving along. We have split the racing so that there is slightly more on Saturday.  We are doing the “One Schedule for 2 Rings” format, which will mean our club will be short handed as there are extra positions to be filled, please help out with line or box judging if you can, each race judged earns you a free raffle ticket!  We have ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements, a raffle and our prize bag for every team is sponsored in part by PetSmart.  We also have a very special boxloader gift!



Racing Format

Regular 1 has a double round robin with one point for each heat won, and one point for winning the race. No points will be given for tied heats or races, and extra heats will not be run if the race is tied. The RRs are used to seed the DE.  The final placements are determined from the DE.


All other divisions are racing a round robin format and will earn one point for each heat won, and one point for winning the race.  No points will be given for tied heats or races, and extra heats will not be run if the race is tied.


Tournament placements are determined by adding up all accumulated points.

Tie Breakers:

1. Fastest time in division

2. Fastest time head to head

3. Tie-breaker race: 2 of 3 heats.


Warm-ups will be 2 minutes on both days.  Warm-up time may be reduced to 90 seconds if necessary. Please notify the judge if you do not need the entire warm-up period. The two rings will be separated by a barricade.  Please use the assigned doors for entering and exiting your ring and do not cross behind the barricade.


We are going to try to have the “Maitre-D” inside.  Geoff and his assistant, Bill Learning, have graciously offered to run the table, and will be providing ring assignments.  Teams will be handed their folder to take to their assigned ring.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the format!


Venue Information

The Holshouser building will be open until at least 8pm on Friday night; you may drop off your flyball boxes if you wish.  There is no room for team crating in the racing building, exceptions will be given for judges, for folks that have special needs and for particularly old or young dogs. We will *NOT* be holding any Friday night racing this year.  Please do not use the lanes after they are setup.


Verified Flagger FundRaiser

We are holding a fundraiser for Noah’s Wish teams that are working to save the animals impacted by Hurricane Katrina.  We will have a donation hat on each head table and will accept your donations whenever you ‘earn’ a red flag.  In addition, we will be selling “Verified Flagger” stickers.  This sticker costs $5 and can be worn proudly if you are a “Red Flag Freddie”.  I plan to purchase one for my flag-a-holic team-mate!  The person that is sponsored for the most “Verified Flagger” stickers will earn a thank-you gift! The stickers can be purchased at the raffle table.


Start Times

Saturday Schedule:

Building opens at 7am

Coffee starting at 7am

Height dog measuring/ Box measuring starts at 7:15am

Captain’s and Judges meeting at 7:45am

Racing starts at 8:15am


Sunday Schedule:

Building opens at 7:30am

Coffee starting at 7:30am

Racing starts at 8:00am

Raffle prizes will be drawn at 2:00pm, racing will not stop for the raffle drawing



Unfortunately we were unable to have the Boy Scouts this fall, we have arranged with fairgrounds concession to provide lunch on-site.  We will be taking lunch orders and payments at the Raffle table until 11am each day. The complete list of food items will be provided in your welcome bag.



We will have vendors at our tournament offering canine massages, treats, gifts, toys and other merchandise.  Please support them and our event by checking out their products!


Contact Amanda Brown if you have any questions:  919 787-8048 or at doggonefast@yahoo.com


Drive carefully and we’ll see you on the weekend!