Raleigh, North Carolina                             September 14, 2011

Welcome to the DogGoneFast FlyBall X!

Thank you for your entries; we are expecting 57 teams and we will have 2 rings.  Please check the other links on our web site for seed chart, racing schedule, and detailed directions/maps.

We have managed to provide each team with approximately 40 heats (30 for Veterans).   We are doing the “One Schedule for 2 Rings” format. A big thank you to the NC State Pre-Vet and Companion Animal clubs for providing box and line judges for our tournament!  We have ribbons for 1 st, 2nd and 3rd placements, a raffle and great welcome gifts.

Racing Format

The Racing Format is described on the seed chart. Warm-ups will be 120 seconds on both days.  Warm-up time may be reduced if necessary. The two rings will be separated by a barricade.  Please use the assigned doors for entering and exiting your ring and do not ever cross behind the barricade while teams are racing.

Geoff Brown will be our Maitre-D and will be providing ring assignments.  C2 forms will be delivered to the ring for you.

Judges and Acting RD

Brian Fay (Head judge) will be in charge of Ring B or Blue (the ring nearest to the maitre-d table). Leerie Jenkins, Amy Brubaker and Kyle Mankes will be judging in Ring A or Yellow (near the raffle table). Carle Dee Detweiler and Jon Bescher will be providing judge relief support. Please thank our judges!
Lynda Oleksuk, from New River Express, has graciously agreed to be the acting RD for the weekend. Please see her if you have any RD type questions.

Venue Information

The Holshouser building will be open until at least 8pm on Friday night; you may drop off your flyball boxes if you wish.  There is no room for team crating in the racing building, exceptions have been given for judges, for folks that have special needs and for particularly old or young dogs. You must email the TD (Amanda) to request an exception.

Friday night racinge

We are holding Single Dog Racing on Friday night in memory of DGF's beloved Autumn, who left us too soon this past summer.  Races are best 3 of 5 for $5 with all proceeds to be given to canine epilepsy research. The DogGoneFast Flyball Club will match all proceeds raised during SDR. You may run against someone or unopposed. If your dog is not quite ready for racing, you can request 5 minutes for $5. This fundraiser is important to us, so please come out and support it. We have received permission to use the NAFA EJS during the Single Dog Racing and we will be writing down the dog’s racing times. We expect to start the SDR by 6pm.

Venue access on Saturday and Sunday mornings

Please be sure and check the SITE MAP link for access to the Fairgrounds.

Start Times



Building Opens



Height dog/Box measuring



Captain’s Meeting



Racing Starts



Raffle Drawing





There is no food vendor on-site. We have maps to nearby restaurants at the raffle table.


We will have vendors at our tournament offering canine massages, treats, gifts, toys, etc.   Please support them and our event by checking out their merchandise!


Contact Amanda Brown if you have any questions: 

919 787-8048 (home) 919 218-1391 (cell) or at doggonefast@yahoo.com

Drive carefully and we’ll see you on the weekend!