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T O U R N A M E N T - 23023301 Name: The Fly BallStart Date:2023-09-16Host Team:DogGoneFast
D I V I S I O N - 1 N A M E: M-1C L A S S: Multibreed J U D G E: Bryan Roper
  Team Name: Mixed NutsClub: DogGoneFast (233)Place: 1Best Time: 17.515Seed Time: 18.5
Dog 1Name: StarCRN:120604Points: 655
Dog 2Name: SmittyCRN:170214Points: 655
Dog 3Name: MinervaCRN:180101Points: 655
Dog 4Name: KizmetCRN:200110Points: 655
  Team Name: Faux FurClub: Fur Fun (171)Place: 2Best Time: 15.915Seed Time: 16
Dog 1Name: AvidCRN:160014Points: 311
Dog 2Name: NavyCRN:200182Points: 441
Dog 3Name: NeedleCRN:210104Points: 130
Dog 4Name: LollipopCRN:220445Points: 61
Dog 5Name: PunchyCRN:220454Points: 380
Dog 6Name: ReefCRN:220692Points: 441
  Team Name: If You Give a Dog a CookieClub: Go Dog Go (493)Place: 5Best Time: 19.771Seed Time: 22.2
Dog 1Name: SnickersCRN:140808Points: 132
Dog 2Name: Ferris BuellerCRN:160780Points: 302
Dog 3Name: BanzaiCRN:190012Points: 263
Dog 4Name: JayceCRN:190147Points: 369
Dog 5Name: SunCRN:190665Points: 369
Dog 6Name: SloaneCRN:220486Points: 41
  Team Name: Chasin' TailClub: Heads or Tails (814)Place: 3Best Time: 19.015Seed Time: 19
Dog 1Name: AdelaideCRN:130637Points: 443
Dog 2Name: GemmaCRN:140395Points: 331
Dog 3Name: TookeyCRN:150481Points: 151
Dog 4Name: CrikeyCRN:200006Points: 186
Dog 5Name: StellaCRN:200112Points: 318
Dog 6Name: TrixieCRN:220041Points: 343
  Team Name: Turn Tail 'n RunClub: Heads or Tails (814)Place: 4Best Time: 19.489Seed Time: 20
Dog 1Name: HeidiCRN:130193Points: 366
Dog 2Name: GoogleCRN:180581Points: 155
Dog 3Name: KiwiCRN:190005Points: 341
Dog 4Name: RemyCRN:190087Points: 371
Dog 5Name: NevilleCRN:200079Points: 246
Dog 6Name: WatsonCRN:230295Points: 5
D I V I S I O N - 1 N A M E: O-1C L A S S: Open J U D G E: Bryan Roper
  Team Name: CensoredClub: Bitches Be Crazy (1063)Place: 2Best Time: 15.464Seed Time: 15.3
Dog 1Name: Nan CRN:140069Points: 50
Dog 2Name: KissCRN:180297Points: 400
Dog 3Name: NikeCRN:200166Points: 450
Dog 4Name: Solo CRN:210419Points: 450
Dog 5Name: PixlexiaCRN:220035Points: 450
  Team Name: ExhibitionistsClub: DogGoneFast (233)Place: 3Best Time: 18.991Seed Time: 18.5
Dog 1Name: BloomCRN:120678Points: 346
Dog 2Name: Gimme CRN:140385Points: 141
Dog 3Name: SirenCRN:170487Points: 347
Dog 4Name: MeikaCRN:180565Points: 346
Dog 5Name: Walker CRN:180584Points: 202
Dog 6Name: VinnieCRN:230663Points: 6
  Team Name: One Pup Two PupClub: Go Dog Go (493)Place: 5Best Time: 18.51Seed Time: 18.8
Dog 1Name: FeeBeeCRN:130814Points: 290
Dog 2Name: JewelCRN:140084Points: 75
Dog 3Name: ArianeCRN:190150Points: 265
Dog 4Name: CrusherCRN:190656Points: 315
Dog 5Name: TreviCRN:210179Points: 275
Dog 6Name: VisionCRN:210234Points: 240
  Team Name: Test FlightClub: K9 Kickstart (357)Place: 1Best Time: 15.519Seed Time: 16.5
Dog 1Name: MuseCRN:180601Points: 461
Dog 2Name: NevilleCRN:190648Points: 467
Dog 3Name: ContrabandCRN:220131Points: 275
Dog 4Name: VäsenCRN:220346Points: 336
Dog 5Name: PatternCRN:230363Points: 237
Dog 6Name: MothmanCRN:230374Points: 292
  Team Name: Sexy and I Bark ItClub: Party Barkers (1095)Place: 4Best Time: 19.046Seed Time: 19.1
Dog 1Name: JetsonCRN:130206Points: 201
Dog 2Name: ZoeCRN:170058Points: 486
Dog 3Name: Lokai CRN:200285Points: 486
Dog 4Name: HoldynCRN:210177Points: 486
Dog 5Name: BranCRN:210178Points: 285
D I V I S I O N - 2 N A M E: O-2C L A S S: Open J U D G E: Jonathan Bescher
  Team Name: Come at me BroClub: Blockade Runners (198)Place: 3Best Time: 22.705Seed Time: 21.3
Dog 1Name: MonsterCRN:150227Points: 356
Dog 2Name: NoodleCRN:180119Points: 356
Dog 3Name: VayaCRN:220589Points: 356
Dog 4Name: LokiCRN:220619Points: 356
  Team Name: JumpMastersClub: Fayetteville Freedom Flyers (838)Place: 5Best Time: 22.036Seed Time: 22
Dog 1Name: KelleeCRN:160693Points: 301
Dog 2Name: YeagerCRN:180144Points: 261
Dog 3Name: SheamusCRN:190273Points: 191
Dog 4Name: TORICRN:220140Points: 301
Dog 5Name: TannisCRN:220220Points: 150
  Team Name: Hot Mess ExpressClub: New River Express (226)Place: 4Best Time: 20.324Seed Time: 20.8
Dog 1Name: ZipCRN:130319Points: 250
Dog 2Name: DjinnCRN:160087Points: 256
Dog 3Name: BooCRN:220062Points: 6
Dog 4Name: PixelCRN:220669Points: 256
Dog 5Name: KiteCRN:230122Points: 256
  Team Name: Without a paddleClub: New River Rapids (805)Place: 1Best Time: 19.219Seed Time: 20
Dog 1Name: SullyCRN:150379Points: 228
Dog 2Name: LeviCRN:160161Points: 379
Dog 3Name: Taylor B SwiftCRN:200032Points: 362
Dog 4Name: ZoeCRN:200213Points: 293
Dog 5Name: Cuisle (Koosh)CRN:220288Points: 202
Dog 6Name: OakleighCRN:220463Points: 52
  Team Name: Loose CannonsClub: Scallywags (751)Place: 2Best Time: 21.198Seed Time: 21.5
Dog 1Name: QuestCRN:130048Points: 536
Dog 2Name: PixieCRN:140540Points: 511
Dog 3Name: PhredCRN:190331Points: 536
Dog 4Name: RiverCRN:210175Points: 536
Dog 5Name: JackCRN:230159Points: 25
D I V I S I O N - 1 N A M E: R-1C L A S S: Regular J U D G E: Jonathan Bescher
  Team Name: UnhingedClub: Bitches Be Crazy (1063)Place: 3Best Time: 17.241Seed Time: 17.4
Dog 1Name: LeelooCRN:150001Points: 575
Dog 2Name: StitchCRN:160682Points: 575
Dog 3Name: VintageCRN:180130Points: 575
Dog 4Name: WonderCRN:210400Points: 475
Dog 5Name: RingoCRN:230241Points: 100
  Team Name: Formula FunClub: Fur Fun (171)Place: 1Best Time: 14.921Seed Time: 14.9
Dog 1Name: PacManCRN:170486Points: 537
Dog 2Name: SushiCRN:200135Points: 436
Dog 3Name: NimbleCRN:210111Points: 176
Dog 4Name: SalsaCRN:210199Points: 361
Dog 5Name: QuesoCRN:210269Points: 437
Dog 6Name: HelixCRN:220301Points: 201
  Team Name: Are you My HandlerClub: Go Dog Go (493)Place: 2Best Time: 17.427Seed Time: 18.2
Dog 1Name: ValaCRN:190125Points: 527
Dog 2Name: ReyCRN:200283Points: 527
Dog 3Name: RebelCRN:210418Points: 526
Dog 4Name: CreedCRN:220122Points: 527
Dog 5Name: JaylahCRN:230400Points: 1
  Team Name: Heads UP!Club: Heads or Tails (814)Place: 4Best Time: 18.427Seed Time: 17.5
Dog 1Name: KindleCRN:150129Points: 26
Dog 2Name: StarkCRN:170610Points: 556
Dog 3Name: JillerooCRN:200008Points: 505
Dog 4Name: PepsiCRN:220003Points: 556
Dog 5Name: ScoutCRN:220576Points: 556
Dog 6Name: KrakenCRN:230113Points: 25
  Team Name: *Sorry for Party Barking PERFORMANCE TEAMClub: Party Barkers (1095)Place: 0Best Time: 16.606Seed Time: 17.9
Dog 1Name: SeverusCRN:170394Points: 500
Dog 2Name: NewtCRN:200284Points: 555
Dog 3Name: IndyCRN:210379Points: 555
Dog 4Name: NyxCRN:210407Points: 555
Dog 5Name: MaverickCRN:230723Points: 55
D I V I S I O N - 2 N A M E: R-2C L A S S: Regular J U D G E: Jonathan Bescher
  Team Name: High OctaneClub: Carolina Overdrive (1087)Place: 3Best Time: 20.034Seed Time: 19.4
Dog 1Name: C.J.CRN:120697Points: 337
Dog 2Name: TikiCRN:140771Points: 256
Dog 3Name: SpecterCRN:200086Points: 317
Dog 4Name: FlirtCRN:210228Points: 392
Dog 5Name: CheyenneCRN:210229Points: 216
Dog 6Name: VeetaCRN:210375Points: 50
  Team Name: Rubber Room RocketsClub: DogGoneFast (233)Place: 1Best Time: 17.367Seed Time: 18.5
Dog 1Name: EliCRN:150004Points: 126
Dog 2Name: SIZZLECRN:160022Points: 626
Dog 3Name: CiderCRN:180042Points: 500
Dog 4Name: The TickCRN:180104Points: 401
Dog 5Name: FleurCRN:180536Points: 225
Dog 6Name: AuroraCRN:210187Points: 626
  Team Name: TailspinClub: K9 Kickstart (357)Place: 2Best Time: 18.04Seed Time: 18.9
Dog 1Name: BlastCRN:140787Points: 361
Dog 2Name: NachoCRN:190346Points: 232
Dog 3Name: CloverCRN:220144Points: 337
Dog 4Name: ElektraCRN:220436Points: 357
Dog 5Name: KudosCRN:220455Points: 106
Dog 6Name: LevyCRN:220557Points: 255
  Team Name: Up the creekClub: New River Rapids (805)Place: 4Best Time: 20.426Seed Time: 20
Dog 1Name: RouliCRN:120856Points: 181
Dog 2Name: CodyCRN:130162Points: 205
Dog 3Name: DankeCRN:150010Points: 51
Dog 4Name: IsaiahCRN:170002Points: 155
Dog 5Name: AmosCRN:220001Points: 256
Dog 6Name: RolliCRN:220696Points: 176
  Team Name: PowertrainClub: Turbo Paws (978)Place: 5Best Time: 17.314Seed Time: 18.3
Dog 1Name: AnnabelleCRN:180212Points: 130
Dog 2Name: StellaCRN:180547Points: 505
Dog 3Name: Chilly DawgCRN:210241Points: 505
Dog 4Name: TimbitCRN:220128Points: 75
Dog 5Name: SpeckCRN:220516Points: 505
Dog 6Name: FreddieCRN:230665Points: 300
D I V I S I O N - 3 N A M E: R-3C L A S S: Regular J U D G E: Bryan Roper
  Team Name: Unhook the BrasClub: Blockade Runners (198)Place: 3Best Time: 20.278Seed Time: 22.5
Dog 1Name: RockstarCRN:150490Points: 455
Dog 2Name: TacCRN:170727Points: 582
Dog 3Name: ChelseyCRN:190710Points: 582
Dog 4Name: AryaCRN:210334Points: 227
Dog 5Name: LillyCRN:230103Points: 482
  Team Name: Wright FlyersClub: First In Flight (223)Place: 4Best Time: 20.742Seed Time: 22.8
Dog 1Name: JackCRN:150221Points: 106
Dog 2Name: MartyCRN:170577Points: 316
Dog 3Name: TeylaCRN:180325Points: 336
Dog 4Name: DashCRN:190439Points: 546
Dog 5Name: RononCRN:190617Points: 440
Dog 6Name: MaxCRN:190841Points: 440
  Team Name: Crate EscapesClub: Pawmetto Pack (480)Place: 2Best Time: 21.686Seed Time: 23.1
Dog 1Name: MooseCRN:150193Points: 431
Dog 2Name: LillyCRN:160615Points: 330
Dog 3Name: EmberCRN:190410Points: 306
Dog 4Name: GalileoCRN:200065Points: 351
Dog 5Name: AlexCRN:210030Points: 306
  Team Name: Arrr You Ready?Club: Scallywags (751)Place: 1Best Time: 20.158Seed Time: 20.5
Dog 1Name: CharleyCRN:160623Points: 557
Dog 2Name: WhisperCRN:170782Points: 557
Dog 3Name: EmmaCRN:200121Points: 557
Dog 4Name: SparkCRN:210295Points: 557